Winky the One-Eyed Wonder: a little bit about me and my toys

Hi, I'm Winky the One-Eyed Wonder, a former feral kitty dedicated to making kitties happy and helping needy kitties all at the same time!

As a former feral, I'm on a mission to help raise awareness and promote T.N.R. as a way to humanely control stray and feral cat overpopulation. I truly believe that by helping organizations that work on humanely controlling cat overpopulation, you are ultimately helping out the larger organizations and shelters by reducing the number of animals that are entering shelter. (and reducing the number of feral cats that are rounded up and euthanized as a means of controlling the problems with overpopulation).

I am also what we call "differently abled", so I have a special place in my heart for other differently abled animals, their parents and the groups dedicated to helping them.

"Hooked on Nip" is what my mom called her crochet "business" -not only does it accurately describe most of us kitties, it is a crochet people pun. Anyway... it is now my business and she works for me, making hand crocheted catnip toys. I am the CEO, official spokes cat, supervisor, nip tester, etc.

Each month we donate a portion of the toy sale $$ to various animal charities.

All of the toys are cat tested and mother approved. They are crocheted out of a variety of yarn types and are filled with polyester stuffing, lots of love....and loads of CATNIP!! The eyes used on the toys are called "safety eyes." They are the type of eyes used in children's stuffed animals. Mom would never use anything that she thought could hurt us. oh, and as always, any cat hair that accompanies the toys is free of charge!

As soon as a toy is completed, it is enclosed in a airtight bag to lock in and intensify the catnip flavor!! Depending on demand, it may take a up to month (or more) to get your toy(s). But, based on the reviews... it is worth the wait!!

If you have any questions, you can look me up on FaceBook (Winky Wilde Lobe), and our group page is "Winky's Hooked on Nip: Crocheted Cat Toys". Or you can email me at

Friday, September 9, 2011

ALL PAWS CROSSED!!! mom's wrist is FINALLY starting to feel better and she will be attempting to crochet this weekend. Hopefully we will be able to open up the shop, on a limited basis, for kitties in dire need of Winky Toys!!!

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GlamKitty said...

Wonderful news about your mom's sore paw, Winky!! We know she's been in so much discomfort... and that she must really be missing her crocheting as a nice, relaxing outlet! All fingers and paws crossed here that she continues to heal well and feel stronger. :) xxx